NATO: A Smuggling Ring

Published on Mar 28, 2009 01:09 by Daniel

Here's what Minitrue tells us about the smuggled booze consumed during the celebration of the Persian New Year (Spring Equinox, Nowrouz) in Iran:
But most of the domestic thirst for spirits is quenched with booze smuggled from Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey.

It is transferred to Kurdish towns such as Erbil in northern Iraq and then carried over the border into Iran.
There aren't even nearly enough tourists or business people from Hungary and Bulgaria in Kurd-controlled Northern Iraq to earn the distinction of top booze-smugglers.

Therefore, one can safely conclude that it is the Coalition of the Willing (≠ NATO) that is smuggling booze from Hungary and Bulgaria, very probably using various NATO logistics facilities and transport. Maybe this is not the only smuggling operation which is carried out by NATO servicemen, using NATO facilities and NATO cargo capacity with the tacit consent of NATO governments?